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We are blessed to be able to serve you and to create a unique and custom handmade invitation package that will be uniquely You. We are located in Canton, Michigan with a nationwide clientele for over 18 years. Having had the privilege the last couple of years of being a part of the excitement and energy that surrounds the dynamic celebrity, Keasha Rigsby (at Beautiful Bridal with Keasha Rigsby), this opportunity further enhanced my creative passion for designing. We will create something that is a keepsake for your guests, be Uniquely You and will set the tone for your wedding day. We'd be honored to be able to be a small part of your special day.

Welcome to the World of Creativity...where you will find Unique and Original Designs and Specialty Papers from around the Globe...

Let us design the perfect wedding invitation for you that will reflect your style and personality, and set the tone for your special day. We offer specialty items not seen anywhere else, such as creating a Save the Date card that tells the story of how you an original poem penned just for you! We also design thank you cards for your wedding party that depict a handmade 3-D replica of their dresses, with a personal verse inside. How about encasing your beautiful handmade invitation in a custom keepsake shadow box...we do that. Take a look at some of the things we have created for our clients over the years...and give us a call to schedule your free design consultation. We will create it together. A pot of herbal tea, some delicious pastries, tons of creative possibilities... it's an experience you won't soon forget.

At Custom Creations & Invitations every single client is special to me. I promise to do whatever it takes to create exactly what you envision for your special day. I started my business in 2000 not sure of where I was going... but trusted God to direct my path. Today I am blessed with a nationwide clientele and absolutely love doing what I do! Making people's ideas come to life by creating a unique and beautiful keepsake for them is my passion. We offer a plethora of products to fit your every need, including a selection of over 3,000 handmade papers from all over the world and many unique items that you will not see anywhere else. Every detail is scrutinized with great care to insure that each work of art becomes a treasured keepsake for the recipient. What can we create for you?

Karen Kellems Bailey, Custom Creations & Invitations

Weddings To Be

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